This article will help you understand python programming in the most useful way. We will try to put everything in the article about Python by following these questions.
What is Python? Why is it so popular? why you should choose Python programming language over other programming languages? In other words, what does it do that other programming languages don’t? Let’s get the answer to these questions one by one.

What is Python?

Python programming language is a modern programming language. Super intuitive and easy-to-learn. It is the fastest-growing language and is a well-known and widely used programming language. Guido VAN Rossum created it and then put it on the market in 1991.

Python’s creator, Guido van Rossum, had a clear vision for it: “Make it as simple to understand as plain English” Python is a computer programming language used for building websites, doing data analysis and automating tasks. However, it is a general-purpose language that can create different programs.

Demand and Growth

In a yearly survey for the most loved programming languages conducted by Stack Overflow in 2015, Python was near the bottom – 10th place in the list. However in the survey back in 2015, Python came 3rd on the list of the most in-demand programming languages, but guess what?! The latest survey conducted in 2020 led the competition with a respectable margin. And this is undoubtedly robust evidence that people do more and more work using Python

As a programming language, python is frequently used for web development, scripting, automation machine learning, the Internet of Things, and so much more. Python has been a go-to choice for world-class companies like Facebook, Google, Spotify and Netflix.

Python has cemented itself as a trendy choice for developers and data scientists.
According to Google Trends and the TOB index, Python had the highest internet traffic of any language in 2018 and 2019. Python became the third most popular programming language rivalling that of Java and C++.

Why is python so popular?

Python’s popularity is due to so many reasons. Above all, It is effortless to master, even for individuals without a technical background.
Being the world’s fastest-growing programming language, Python is very popular among software engineers and mathematicians, data analysts, scientists, accountants, networking engineers, and students. Its popularity is because it is easy to learn compared to other languages.

Python is very friendly to newcomers. People from a wide range of backgrounds use Python for a wide range of purposes. These include data analysis (visualization), artificial intelligence (such as machine learning), and automation.

Python’s popularity is overgrowing and has been adopted by so many organizations. It’s an open-source language that allows you to take advantage of its dynamic libraries.

Why choose Python over other languages?

Everything you do with Python, you can do with other programming languages too, but Python’s simplicity and elegance have made it grow way more than other programming languages. However, there are some reasons why Python is more practical and in-demand than others.

Python development makes a lot of simple things easier for python users because it has a simple but powerful syntax. It is easier to use than other languages. In python, there are not as many complicated things to think about as in C++ because it’s a high-level language.

In Python, you can cross-platform, which means you can build and run Python applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux. One more reason is that nobody likes working with a complicated and confusing programming language; even professional programmers enjoy working with a simple language. Python has a clear and easy-to-read syntax. So of course! it is a good choice for beginners and companies that want to train new employees without writing curly braces.

Python is easy to write and read because it doesn’t have as many words as other languages, and whatever the topic, in most cases, there’s an already existing Python library, and all you need to know is how to use it. Sounds pretty good, right? At the same time, if you would like to, Python gives you the flexibility for you to develop some custom functionalities on your own as it is a general-purpose language.

Best community

The best thing about Python is that it has a huge community, so you can always get help whenever you get stuck. It has a large ecosystem of libraries, frameworks and tools, which means whatever you want to do, it is likely that someone else has done it before because Python has been around for over 20 years.

Python is a multi-purpose language with a simple, clean, and beginner-friendly syntax. Python hosts meetups, conferences, workshops throughout the year and in cities worldwide. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the Python community is eager and enthusiastic to help authentic Python.

Python Libraries

Python is multi-purpose since there are so many frameworks and libraries built on top of Python, it can be used for basically anything a programming language can. It is a popular choice for creating and hosting a website. It can analyze data well, run scripts to automate tedious tasks, and more. The Python community is an Awesome community.

Python is an open-source language, meaning it’s free to use, and everyone can contribute to the writing and maintenance of its code and libraries. Indeed, many people and even companies have dedicated time and effort to expand this programming language.


Now you know why Python development has been steadily growing in popularity among developers and companies across numerous industries. It seems to be beloved by the community, both by front and back-end users. And with its wide variety o

f functionalities, it’s clear why both small and large-scale companies are increasingly using it.
We hope now you have more information about Python, and we strongly suggest you learn Python if you want to go along with the programming world since it is the most in-demand and easy to learn programming language.

So, if you’re ever asked, “Why did you choose Python Programming?” You have already got the answer, right? Leave your queries in the comment section. Happy reading!.