Difference between Web Designer and Web developer

You might have heard a lot about web designing and web development, but do you know the
difference between both? I bet you do not! Reasons can be so many, but we are not going
there. This article will figure out the differences between a web designer and a web developer
because even though both fields have different names, most of us get confused. So, we’ll
compare and contrast the roles of a web designer and a web developer.

It’s a fantastic career to pursue. You might want to choose designing or go for development, or
maybe both, keeping the differences in mind.

It is easy to mix web developers and web designers because they both work on the same thing,
and the reason why we think of it as one skill is that it kind of sounds similar, right? But they are
a lot different. YES, but do not be afraid. We will clear this confusion by interpreting the main
differences between these two!

A web designer is someone responsible for the website’s visibility, layout, look, and usability,
while a web developer would develop the website’s fundamental structure. Do you get the
definition? Now let’s get into more details.

Web Designing

A designer creates the layout of the website, not technical and software designing. Web
designer deals with the outer look like buttons, arrows icons. The website looks better with the
help of a web designer. The designer concentrates on the page’s style and general feel,
customizing the website’s visual elements with software such as Photoshop. They also
construct their designs with HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Web designing is divided
into two types.

User interface (UI) Design:

UI abbreviates for the user interface. UI, in contrast, deals with interactive elements like
drop-down menus, form fields, clickable components, animations, button styling, and more. UI
designer works on the frameworks given by web designers. UI designers are in charge of
figuring out how software and users interact. What happens once you submit a form? Errors are
communicated to consumers in a variety of ways. Is the form sent on a new page, or does it
stay on the current page?

User Experience (UX) Design:

User experience, as shown by name, is user experience after using software or automobile.
More accurately, UX means what a customer feels about the app, product, or other gadgets. UX
designer makes sure that the product is fun, experimenting and user-friendly.

Visual designer:

Visual design is a mixture of both UI and UX. Their responsibility is to check the layout,
framework, themes, design and coding. They use their creative skills to solve the designing
issues and coding skills to solve technical problems. In simple words, we can say that they are
in-between UI and UX.

Web developers:

Web developers are commonly referred to as programmers. They take the web designers’
design and turn it into a fully functional website. They use Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, PHP,
ASP.NET Python, and other software and tools. Their main goal is to create a well-functioning
website that runs smoothly. Web developers work with UX designers, UI designers, and graphic
designers to generate web pages based on the designer’s design.

Web development is in charge of all the code that makes a website work. There are two
sections to it: front-end and back-end. The front-end or client-side of an application is the coding
that decides how the website will display the designs mocked up by a designer. The back-end of
an application, often known as the server-side, handles database data and transmits it to the
front-end for display. As you may think, the work of a front-end developer and a web designer
overlaps the most.

So, to gain a better knowledge of the fundamental differences between a web developer and a
web designer, consider the following points and distinctions.

Notable Differences

Web designing works on the imagery part. Web designers make the website look representable
and user-friendly, while if we talk about the web developer, they are responsible for the usability
and working of the websites. Developers are responsible for creating a website’s framework
using different software like javascript and JQuery.

Developers use their programming skills, whereas a designer’s creativity and knowledge pour
life into the website.

You can assume designers as the website’s architect who draws and visualizes the website
beautifully, while a developer is like a construction worker who works on the technical parts.


Focus on technical issues Work on designs
Creates the infrastructure Decore the structure
Involves in smarter work; coding Creativity oriented
Coding is everything Does not need to learn coding
YOU got the differences perfectly. Now let’s take an example.

We will take an analogy of a car. For example, A web designer creates the car’s aesthetics, or
how it feels from the outside to the inside, all of that. A web designer is a person who makes
aesthetics for the internet while the developer would be in charge of everything from all the
intrinsic components of a car’s nature, such as the engine and transmission, to all of the car’s
additional details that you’re not even aware you’re employing. That’s the web while you’re
utilizing it. It is a developer who makes it work. Inevitably, designers and developers work


We have merged all the differences between web designing and web development, and after
going through the article, we are now clear about the difference. We know that the developers
create the drawing, and designers fill the color in it, making it look better and more
conversational. Which one do you want to become? Do you want to be making awesome stuff
by designing, or are you more interested in coding? More technical stuff, huh? Let us know in
the comment section.